memories of spring

Some dark and drizzly days, prematurely festive shop decor, panto adverts up on the billboards. Winter is coming, and spring is a distant prospect. Even a fleeting thought of spring sparks a bright memory. Yellow, green, blue and white – the colours of Britain in May.

How so? Well, blue skies, white clouds, green foliage, and a sea of yellow oilseed rape. Once just a break crop in farm rotation, but now finding favour as a cooking oil (rich in omega-3, don’t you know), oilseed rape is also a source of biodiesel and protein-rich animal feed. No wonder then that the patchwork of yellow fills more of our farmland than in springs gone by.

On bright, sunny days, with fluffy white clouds littering blue skies, and the ground bursting in yellow-green strife, there is almighty pressure on the photographer’s shutter finger. The trouble is – it’s been done, done, done and done.

Nevertheless, here are two more takes on this annual visual feast. Spring is not in the air, but these do bring it to mind.

The white in this image is courtesy of the great big coal-fired power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas

I took this image through the window of a coach heading towards Shrewsbury.

From the coach in May

From the coach in May

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